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여행 일정

1  일차


Arrive at Incheon Airport and DRIVER MEETING

Move to Hotel

Hotel check-in and eat dinner of your choice and rest

2  일차


09:00 ~ 19:00

After hotel breakfast


▶ Haemieup-seong - Built during the reign of King Taejong (1417) and

the 3rd year of Sejong the Great's reign (1421) during the Joseon period.

This castle was the background of the Donghak Rebellion in1864.

Originally built to protect against Japanese pirates this place is a

historical site where thousands of Catholics were executed during the

French Invasion in 1866.

Move to YESAN for lunch and move to GONGJU

▶ Gongju National Museum - This museum holds 10,000 artifacts

including 19 national treasures and 3 treasures excavated in Daejeon

and Chungcheongnam-do areas, especially artifacts from the Tomb of

King Muryeong.

▶ Songsanri Tombs - Estimated to be tombs of kings of Baekje era,

currently 7 tombs are fully restored, and the 7th tomb has been widely

known as the Tomb of King Muryeong.

Move to GUNSAN

▶ Saemangeum Seawall - The world's longest man-made dyke which

measures up to 33 km (21 mi) and separates the Yellow Sea and the former

Saemangeum estuary.

Hotel check-in after dinner and rest

3  일차

0830 ~ 19:00

After hotel breakfast

Move to JEONJU

▶ Pungnammun - The South Gate of Jeonju.

Visit traditional market Nammun Market and Sonyeosang

(Symbol of the victims of sexual slavery by Japanese military during the

period of the Manchurian incident until the end of Pacific war in WWII.)

▶ Jeonju Hanok Village - Around 700 of Korean traditional houses are

gathered in the area of Pungnam-dong and Gyo-dong JEONJU.

It is also tour attraction that holds essence of traditional culture

and is full of delicious foods.

▶ Jeondong Cathedral - Also known as the Old Cathedral of Jeondong,

it was built between 1908 and 1914 by Victor Louis Poisnel in the same

place where many Christians were martyred.

▶ Gyeonggijeon - Hall where the portrait of Lee Seonggae is enshrined.

West side of Gyeonggijeon and its annex were demolished to make room

for a Japanese elementary school during the period of Japanese Colonialism.

After lunch move to SUNCHANG

▶ Gangcheonsan County Park - It has towering peaks all around and

waterfalls cascade between the surrounding rocks. It's called

[Small Geumgang Mt. of Honam] and present a beautiful view in all season.


▶ Suncheonman Bay National Garden

The Suncheon Bay was established in order to turn 1.12 square

kilometers of natural habitat into a conservation area, where it houses

over 505 species of trees and 113 species of flowers. Especially,

the numerous groups of tulips and royal azaleas are truly a sight to see.

Move to Yeosu, a beautiful harbor city

Hotel check-in after dinner and rest

Last stop for today, Odong Island

▶ If you look from afar, this island looks like a paulownia leaf

and was indeed habitat of thousands of paulownia tress.

It's known for the natural habitat of camellia flowers,

multiple rock formation sites and the famous lighthouse.

4  일차

08:30 ~ 19:00

After hotel breakfast

Move to Dol-san for cable car ride

▶ Maritime Cable Car (one-way ride)

Is the first of it's kind in Korea, connecting Dol-san Island and

the mainland across the ocean.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of numerous islands of Yeosu

Move to HADONG through GWANGYANG (Yi Sunsin Bridge)

▶ Gwangyang Steelworks (window sightseeing)

As a single steel mill, it is the world's largest iron and steel mill with

an annual capacity of 18mn tons. (POSCO : 15mn tons)

▶ Songrim Park - A pine forest created to prevent wind blowing

from the Seomjin River, and the walkway that runs along the riverside

is known as the best healing course.

Move to East Napoli, TONGYEONG and eat lunch

▶ Dongpirang Mural Village - Named after its location as the east cliff,

walk through alleys painted with pastel-colored murals.

☞ Those who are uncomfortable with uphill walkways,

take a walk through Gang-gu An or Yi Sunsin Square

Move to GEOJE, mecca of shipbuilding industry

▶ The Oedo Island & Haegeum River Cruise

The Oedo Island - It's a beautiful paradise in the South decorated

throughout 40 years privately

Haegeum River - Famous for its view, this place is also called

'Geumgangsan on the ocean'

Hotel check-in after dinner and rest

5  일차


08:30 ~ 19:00

After hotel breakfast

▶ Sinseondae - located between Dojangpo Maeul and offers picturesque

views of the fantastically shaped rocks against the deep-blue ocean hues.

▶ Mongdol beach - Beautiful beach with dark pebbles sparkling by sea waves.

Move to Busan through Busan-Geoje Bridge

▶ Busan-Geoje Bridge - Built in 2010, this bridge connects Geoje to Busan,

shortens the travelling distance by about 60km (37mi).

Arrive at Busan and eat lunch

▶ Yongdusan Park - Located in downtown of Busan,

it's 118m height and popular for its view in Busan.

▶ International Market - Known for its diverse stores (about 1,500 stores

in total), you can enjoy market food such as Hotteok and fish cake

and scenery which only traditional market such as these creates.

▶ Pusan International Film Festival Streets - Walk along the streets that

holds famous movie stars and directors' handprints.

▶ Jagalchi Market - It's name 'Pebbled Market' comes from its location

which had a lot of pebbles when the market was first established.

Hotel check-in before having dinner of your choice and rest

▶ Seomyeon Cafe Street - Free Time for dinner in Seomyeon,

Busan's busiest street, located 10 minutes' walk.

6  일차

08:30 ~ 16:30

After hotel breakfast

Move the Haeundae, the best beach in Korea

▶ Dongback Island Nurimaru

The famous place of the 3rd APEC summits

('Nurimaru' means Conference House for Summits of the World).

▶ Haeundae Beach - Free time at the beautiful sand beach.

Move to GYEONGJU, Old Capital for Millennium

▶ Bulguksa Temple - The most famous Buddhist temple in South Korea.

It's the most important temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

and encompasses seven National treasures of Korea, including Dabotap

and Sokgatap stone pagodas, Cheongun-gyo.

Move to downtown for lunch.

▶ Cheomseongdae - Astronomical observatory that was built in 7th century

during Queen Seondeok's reign.

▶ Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond - It's was used for the palace of the

Crown Prince along with other subsidiary buildings. It makes a wonderful

course during moonlit hours.

▶ Gyeong National Museum

Museum where relics from the Silla Kingdom are preserved.


Move to Hotel and Check-in

▶ Solsaem Hot Spring (Included)

Relax and enjoy hot spring from depths of Juwangsan National Park.

Have individual dinner at Hotel after hot spring and re

7  일차

08:30 ~ 18:00

After hotel breakfast

Move to MANGYANG, embracing the East Sea

▶ Mangyang Service Area - The Jewel of Uljin, gift of Route 7,

the best service area for its open view of the emerald East Sea

Move to JEONGDONGJIN and eat lunch

▶ Clock Tower Park

The place where the popular TV drama [Hourglass] was filmed.

Move to Gangneung

▶ Ojukheon House - Shin Saimdang and her son Yi I (Pen-name Yulgok)

was born here. It's one of the oldest wooden residential buildings in Korea.

▶ Birthplace of Heo Nanseolheon

The famous woman author of Honggildongjeon.

▶ Gyeongpo Beach - It has the most beautiful coastline of the East sea,

with scenty pine trees that lines along the coast.

▶ Gyeongpo Lake - They say 5 moons rise at this place ;

in the sky, in the lake, in the ocean, in the glass and in your lover's eyes.


Hotel check-in before having dinner of your choice and rest

8  일차

08:30 ~ 17:00

After hotel Breakfast

Move to SOKCHO

▶ Seorak Mountain National Park - The 3rd highest mountain in Korea

and the most visited mountain by both domestic and international tourists.

▶ Sinheungsa Temple - Built in 652, this Buddhist temple holds the history

of Buddhism of Korea.

▶ Gwongeumseong Cable Car - By riding up and down the cable car,

visitors can view the fascinating rock formations of the Mountain as well as

a full view of Sokcho city and the East Sea.

Move to SEOUL after lunch (2hr 30min)

Hotel check-in after having dinner of your choice and rest

9  일차


09:00 ~ 19:00

After hotel breakfast

▶ Gyeongbokgung - Royal palace for 600 years of Joseon Dynasty,

you can see the Changing of the Palace Guard.

▶ Blue House (window sightseeing) - See the Sarangchae,

the public relations division where you can understand Korean culture

as well as the history of Presidents' of Korea.

▶ Bukchon Hanok Village - Multiple cultural heritage from Joseon dynasty

along with Hanok (Traditional House), museums and handicraft workshops

are located in this charming place.

▶ Old Road, Insadong - Traditional crafts, artwork, tea shop and

other various foods are lined up on this antique traditional street.

▶ Cheonggyecheon & Gwanghwamun - Clear water streaming through

the city, this place is a resting place for citizens as well as travelers.

▶ Namsan N-Tower - View the city of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Hotel check-in after dinner and rest

10  일차


After hotel breakfast

Tour is over

(Customers who reserved Jeju tour : Move to Gimpo Airport)